Fenway High Students Rip Proposed Move

Fenway High School students and faculty last night panned the superintendent’s proposal to move the school to a building in Mission Hill, arguing that the plan will destroy the character of the high-performing institution.

“Those relationships that we have between [our classmates] will be gone,’’ Fenway High junior Shante Golding, 17, said during the public comment period of last night’s School Committee meeting, which drew about 300 people, most of whom appeared to be firmly opposed to the plan. READ MORE>>>

Gov. Chris Christie Should Push School Construction Projects Forward

The national debate about how to jump-start the economy is focused on creating jobs for the 25 million Americans who are unemployed. President Obama is pushing Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, which would put the nation’s hard-hit construction sector to work on long-overdue infrastructure projects, including the rebuilding of crumbling and outmoded public schools.

But New Jersey doesn’t have to wait for Congress to act. READ MORE>>>

Part Custodian, Part Mentor

The high school senior pounded the wall with his right fist, then head-butted a steel window covering, in anger and self-loathing. He had gone to pick up his date for the big dance, but the young lady’s father would have no part of an unfamiliar teen dressed in sagging pants and a loose-fitting shirt.

So there he was on a recent Saturday night, taking out his frustration on an exterior wall of Chaparral High School. Onlookers grimaced with each swing that bloodied the youth’s knuckles. Principal Dave Wilson turned to a staff member. READ MORE>>>

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