SFA is proud of our long-standing, strong relationship with the New York State Education Department, Office of Facilities Planning. Together, we accomplish our mutual mission is to ensure safe, healthy, comfortable, and acceptable educational facilities which promote effective and efficient learning for all New York students regardless of where they live.

SED will accomplish their mission by establishing clear expectations and standards for school facilities. They will work with parents, teachers, administrators, designers, facility directors, contractors and the community to set in motion mechanisms for school improvement statewide.

Office Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Crystal Bridges Clerk / Building Permits 518-474-3906 cbridges@mail.nysed.gov
Martin Doyle Associate Mechanical Engineer 518-474-3906 mdoyle@mail.nysed.gov
Tony Frandino Associate Architect 518-474-3906 afrandin@mail.nysed.gov
Stephen Frey Education Specialist 518-474-3906 sfrey@mail.nysed.gov
Rosanne Groff Senior Architect 518-474-3906 rgroff@mail.nysed.gov
Debbie Johnson Associate Project Manager 518-474-3906 djohns10@mail.nysed.gov
Dan Lim Senior Mechanical Engineer 518-474-3906 dlim@mail.nysed.gov
Jasmina Halpin Education Specialist 518-474-3906 jasmina.halpin@nysed.gov
Laura Sahr School Health/Safety, Emergency
and Fire Safety Coordinator
518-474-3906 laura.sahr@nysed.gov
Mary Sansaricq Associate Project manager 518-474-3906 mary.sansaricq@nysed.gov
Dave Seidner Senior Architect 518-474-3906 dseidner@mail.nysed.gov
Thurnau, Carl Coordinator 518-474-3906 cthurnau@mail.nysed.gov
Rachel Sanchelli Clerk 518-474-3906 rzanchel@mail.nysed.gov

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