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Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Communication is the key to our success; our success as facilities managers, association leaders and members, and in our ability to effect positive change.

As our world and environment constantly change, so does the work we do as school facilities managers. Constant, however, is the need to keep up with the times, gather and share information with colleagues, and communicate our impact.

In any effective network, team members feel important and know their opinions count. If not, motivation and satisfaction break down. Simply put, the more we know, the better we are able to make decisions and contribute.

This year, I seek your input to meet our objectives in growing our profession so our Association can utilize all its resources to succeed. I also ask for your support in bringing together people from different backgrounds to create understanding for the greater good. In return, we will do all we can as an Association to keep you informed on advocacy issues, professional development opportunities, and local and statewide initiatives that affect you and your school community.

An old expression goes, “You get out what you put in.” I call upon all members to be involved. Attend your State and Chapter meetings and events to connect with colleagues; invite non-members to join and tell them why it’s important; make us aware of developments and accomplishments in your area of the state so we can all share in your success. The return on your investment in our Association will be significant. 

As a member, you are also our greatest ambassador. I hope you will use the tools we provide our members to help tell our story. On this website alone, there is an information brochure, videos, fliers and other downloadable resources to help you talk about the work you do, and to share the importance of our statewide Association with colleagues and administrators.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to SFA. It’s my privilege to serve as your President, and my honor to work with you to move us forward. Please reach out, any time, if you have something to share or if I can support your professional success in any way.


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